CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie Production Details

by Joey Paur


Captain America is a character I can't wait to see come to the big screen. I know there have been movies made before, but nothing like what is in store for Marvels new film, which is set to come out in 2011. I am so happy with who they have brought in to direct The First Avenger: Capain America, Joe Johnston is the man that will direct the film, he directed a little movie called October Sky which is one of my all time favorite films, he also recently directed the new Wolfman movie for Universal.

Marvel president Kevin Feige recently talked about the film and gives a breakdown of what there plans are for Captain America. And here you are:

  • Feige acknowledged that "Captain America" might have difficulty playing overseas, which is one of the reasons for the title "The First Avenger: Captain America". In other countries, it might be marketed as simply "The First Avenger."

Well, that makes sense, but if you do reside out side of the United States would you still see the movie with Captain America in the title? I'm just curious if you would rather not see that in the title. Personally "The First Avenger" sounds kinda flat.

  • The Cap story will be very realistic, about a scrawny kid who wants to prove himself, set during WWII.

I love that they are using this setting for the film.

  • "Captain America" will be Marvel's most internationally-located movie, as the character will be traveling all over the world.

Except when he is sent to war in WWII, right?

  • Marvel is more likely to get a name actor to play Captain America, because of the need for it to play well overseas. It seems doubtful that they'll repeat the "Thor" move of going with a relative unknown.

I really wish they would.

  • Feige said that the actor who plays Cap will be American. No Australians, Brits, etc.

  • By the time his own films and the "Avengers" movies are over, Captain America could appear in as many as six movies.

How awesome is that! See, you have to get a relatively unknown actor that would agree to sign a contract to take the time to appear in that many films.

  • Since he needs a big, international name, Feige refused to eliminate one of the biggest stars in the world, Will Smith. He referred to Smith as being among the handful of international stars they'd consider.

Now I just don't see Will Smith as Captain America! That would kill the movie for me, and any excitement for it what-so-ever. I think Smith is a fine actor but definitely not Captain America material, and no it's not because he's black.

  • Although Smith is in the running, Feige shot down rumors that they'd be using the "Truth" storyline in the film. Although he said he enjoyed the comic, it wouldn't make for an appropriate cinematic launch for the character.

  • Marvel is definitely looking to get into the 3D realm soon. Feige recently saw "Up," loved it, and said that he'd be watching James Cameron's "Avatar" closely. Although "Iron Man II" will not be 3D, it is a possibility for "Captain America."

As long as they don't turn it into a gimmick. Which I guess it kind of already is. I just don't want them to through stuff in the audiences faces to let you know it's in 3-D.

  • Pre-production officially begins in October, with plans to start filming on June 28th, 2010.

  • Casting is expected to begin this summer.

  • Joe Johnston and the writers are working on the script now.

  • It will likely be a "save the world"-type story.

  • Feige said that some of the unselected "Thor" actors may be candidates for the "Captain America" movie.

I guess the next big thing, is to see who they decide should play Captain America. Who would you like to see play Captain America?

Source: MTV

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