Comic-Con Floor PICS and List of MOVIE screening Times

Comic-Conby Eli Reyes


Warning: What you are about to see is Top Secret... and all over the internet.

Thanks to the super sneaky spies over at AICN, we have some images of the Comic-Con floor being set-up. Though in these pics you can tell most of the floor looks like the warehouse from Indiana Jones, come Thursday, the floor will be a sea of people and a visual overload of "awesome" for the eyes to behold. In fact there are a few things already set up!

Here's a pic of one of the Power Suits from James Cameron's highly anticipated Avatar, which is sure to cause quite a ruckus at the Con.


See, I told ya. I'm pretty sure the Ark of the Covenant is in one of these boxes.


Here's an original Tron suit, kept in it's giant original packaging...


Here's some Halo collectibles from Weta. And I thought mounting a deer head on your wall was creepy...


To check out toys and other goodies from the floor, head over to the full gallery HERE.

Also, here are some screening times they provided as well, for some of the films you may get to catch at Comic-Con.

Note: Some of these are rumored, secret, not so secret, may change and there are some that have not been added yet.


District 9 (7pm, Location unknown)
Mystery Team (8pm Horton Plaza)
Ninja Assassin (Location and time unknown)
Trick R Treat (9:30pm, Ballroom 20)


Ponyo (8:00pm, Location Unknown)
Angel of Death (9pm, Rm 6A – No need for tickets)
Spike & Mike Animated Shorts (10pm. Rm 6BCF – No need for tickets)
Thirst (9pm Gaslamp Stadium 15)
Zombie Girl (7pm, Rm. 26AB – No need for tickets)


Inglourious Basterds (8pm, Reading Gaslamp – follow @theRealBasterds on Twitter for instructions on getting tickets)
Watchmen: Director’s Cut Blu-Ray Live Commentary recording by Zack Snyder (8:30pm, Rm. 6BCF – No need for tickets)
Give ‘Em Hell Malone (10pm, Rm. 6DE – No need for tickets)

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