Free GEEKTYRANT T-Shirts at Comic-Con

by Free Reyes


Continuing our new GeekTyrant tradition we are giving away FREE t-shirts at Comic-Con. This year's shirts are even better than last year's. They are printed on American Apparel Fitted T-shirts, so they fit right, are super soft, and stay black. The logo size and placement are better. We also have the T-shirts in a American Apparel Girl Cut.

We've also removed the website address from the back. These shirt are for the readers of the site and those who follow us on twitter. So this is our gift to YOU.

Watch Abe Froman talk about the details of how to get one at Comic-Con.

GET your FREE Shirt -- Wednesday night at 9:30pm at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop 643 5th Ave. San Diego, CA. 92101.

We'll be announcing more meet up Locations and Times, just follow us on Twitter. You can also just ask Abe Froman in person and he will hook you up.


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