ASTRO BOY has guns... in his butt: SDCC Footage Review

Comic-Conby Eli Reyes


Well, it looks like the Summit Panel actually had something to offer us geeks, amidst the anticipation for Twilight Saga: New Moon.

They showed us some pretty cool exclusive footage for the new 3D animated film Astro Boy. The footage was so exclusive, and they were "so excited to show us the new trailer, that a lot of it is unfinished." So that meant some wire frames, and a very naked Astro Boy.

There were some cheers when they announced Samuel L Jackson and Charlize Theron have been added to the cast of voice actors.

Astro Boy himself, Freddie Highmore, who is now surprisingly tall, and his co-star Kristen Bell, who is not surprisingly beautiful, introduced the footage.

The beginning was pretty similar to the trailer we've already seen. But we were then introduced to more of the Astro Boy world. The coolest and funniest thing in the footage was a big bad robot called "The Peace Keeper", who crashes through a wall at a press conference, and then checks the sound on the microphone.


It ended kinda weird though, Astro Boy shoots some guns... but outta his butt(through his back pant pockets). Get your mind out of the gutter.

I'm really excited for this movie, it's shaping up to be the Astro Boy of our childhood's, or will at least do it some justice.

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