new Clip for Mike Judge's EXTRACT

by Eli Reyes

Here's are new clip from Mike Judge's new film Extract! This isprobably just a tast of what you'll get to see from Judge and his stars at their Comic-Con Panel. Judge is pretty much a comedic stud. He's been keeping us entertained for nearly two decades. First, with his hilarious but crude MTV animated series Beavis And Butthead and then Fox's King of The Hill, which has been consistently brilliant for the past twelve years.

But he is possibly most well known, or at least most quoted via his ground breaking comedy Office Space, which was a box-office failure, but gained a massive following through VHS and DVD. I probably watched it over 20 times... ok, maybe more.

Extract stars Jason Bateman as Joel, the owner of an Extract plant, who tries to contend with myriad personal and professional problems, such as his potentially unfaithful wife(SNL's Kristen Wiig)and employees who want to take advantage of him.

The film aso stars Ben Afleck, Mila Kunis(Fogetting Sarah Marchall), J.K Simmons(Spiderman/Juno) and Clifton Collins Jr(Star Trek/Sunshine Cleaners).

Check out the clip of Joel meeting Cindy(Kunis) for the first time, and let us know what you think!

To check out the trailer Click Here!

Source: MTV

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