Twilight: New Moon Panel


Girls and sensetive men were screaming for New Moon beforethey even announce the panel.  I am really thankful that they are showing astroboy before they get to the craziness of New Moon.

As you can tell, I have been chosen to write about the Twilight sequel New Moon.  The unfortunate part of this situation is that I have lost my hearing to bring this post to you all.

Chris Wietz (director), Ashley Greene(Alice), Kristin Stewart(Bella), Taylor Lautner(Jacob), and Robert Pattinson(Edward)  are all a part of the panel.

I know a lot of you would like me to quote word for word what Taylor says about how he transformed for this new film.  I can sum it up, he got buff to look sexy for the women.

Well they showed us a little clip from the movie.  To set up the scene, it is the part in the story where the character Jacob is teaching Bella how to ride a motorcycle.  He teaches her where all of the vital components of the bike and tells her to try it out.  Right as she is about to try it out a translucent image of Edward comes onto the screen asking her not to do it.  Just to defy him she takes off on the bike.  Along the short ride she sees more images of Edward on the side of the road she is riding.  Due to Edwards distraction she falls off her bike and hits her head.  Jacob rushes  to her side and finds her bleeding.  This is where I lost my hearing because Jacob takes his shirt off to wipe the blood off.

That really was the end of the clip, but because of this I may not hear anything again.  Apparently this new director knows his audiance and knows exactly how to keep them interested.

I do have to say one thing.  Robert Pattinson is a very honest person.  He keeps admitting that he sucks and is a puss.  I agree, so this is why I have a new found respect for Pattinson as a person.

I have a great respect for the people that are in this film.  They know exactly who is reading and watching these fims.  They cater to them well.

The question and answer session was very draining for me.  There was a constant stream of girls and women telling the two male roles how hot they are and then asking rediculous questions.

But between the screams and the useless questions I was able to take away a few things.
1) Twilight is not going away.  The fan base keeps getting stronger and stronger
2) Taylor did all of the stunts that the insurance company would allow him to do.  It's good to know that the guy isn't a total wuss.
3) Twilight is like a drug.  If you have not been exposed to this phenomenon please don't start.  Apparently it causes you to scream randomly and have an obsession with glitter.

Spoiler Alert!

Right as everyone was leaving the director decided to give us an extra scene from the film.  For those of you who have read the book you will know exactly what I am talking about.  It near the end of New Moon where Edward is going to "commit suicide" and Bella is trying to get to him before he succeeds.  This scene is shot beautifully.  It really held the drama of this point in each characters lives.  By this scene alone I can tell that this film has way more potential then the previous film.

As more comes out about this film we will let you know, because that is what we do.  Until next time, let us know what you think.

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