I gotta say, I am not a big fan of the horror movie remakes that have been happening recently, but we just got to see some footage from the film and I was shocked at how good it looks! I got goosebumps while watching it.

The footage we saw starts out with the unburned Freddy Krueger running through an old run down type factory area while he is being chased down by the parents of the children that he is accused of molesting. Krueger runs into an abandoned building where the parents proceed to set it on fire. The is a pretty crazy scene where Freddy comes running out of the building on fire as the parents just watch him burn.

We then see several familiar scenes that come from the original film, but updated, and it just kinda gets you excited. But Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy looks freakin fantastic! He sells the role, it is very similar to the Freddy we all grew up with, but the make-up and design are completely fantastic! Much better than the original, I think the look is much scarier and more real looking than the original.

I didn't think I would get excited for this film, but the footage that we got to see really impressed me, and judging by what I saw, I will go see this movie. When this footage is finally released you'll see what I mean, it really does look great, I think you'll be impressed.

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