Comic Con 2009: Jonah Hex Panel

From the clip shown this is not a normal western. Explosions, Gun gadgets, and the super natural (no voodoo as specified by the director). This is an action western.

Josh Brolin (Hex) was not familiar with the comic book, he felt it was original, great anti hero, spaghetti western.

Megan Fox (Leila) plays a twisted prostitute who has an emotional past with Hex. Anyone who is in Hex's life dies, which is why he pushes her away.

John Malkovich is the villain he has a fully grey beard, he's almost not recognizable.

No real pressure to make it a normal western. They Made an action film inside a western

New Orleans was a tough shoot says Brolin.

Low budget 35 million (looks like a movie with twice its budget)
Actors took very little money
Many things where done practically because of the low budget

Fox enjoys the physicality of action roles

Used parts of the whole canon of Hex.
there have been many versions.

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