GeekTyrant Comic-Con Journal: Thur. July 23rd 2009: Day 2 Reality has Changed!

Comic-Conby Billy Fisher

When you come to Comic-Con you can expect the unexpected.  I know that cliche is used a lot but if you have ever been here then you know it's true.

You can say that we started our day in a sad fashion.  We spent the night in the Hall H line with a bunch of Tweens and Twifties.  This wasn't an entirely bad experience, we got into the hall a lot quicker then most people.  So, because of this the wait was worth it.

The first panel of the day was the Disney 3D panel.  This featured Patton Oswald as the moderator for Disney and he was just the icing on the cake.  Everything that Disney had to show us today was completely worth the time spent in line.  They brought us 3D clips from their upcoming movies A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland, and Tron Legacy.  All three of these panels exceeded my expectations.

They gave us a good amount of time to recover from that awesomeness with some clips from the films Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, The Hole, and The Final Destination.  That is when the crap hit the fan.  It was like all of the females in the room and some sensitive men knew what was up next.

The Summit Panel and this can mean only one thing, Twilight.  The guy moderating the panel did a good job of stalling by letting the Astro Boy and Sorority Row panels go up first but you could feel the tension in the air.  The Twilight fans needed their fix and they needed it now.  So, the crazies got what they wanted.  The New Moon panel was exactly what I expected.  Girls were screaming, Edward and Jacob were taking their shirts off.  It was every Tween and Twifties wet dream.  I just have to thank heavens that this was done with in the first part of the day.  It's like watching a kid ride a bike for the first time.  You know that they are going to fall and it's going to suck.  But it is always better when it happens quickly and everyone can move on with their lives.

Once the screaming had died down and all the little girls left Hall H(which was awesome for us because we moved all the way up front once they were gone), the moment all of us here at GeekTyrant have been waiting for.  James Camreon's Avatar Panel.  This is something we have been waiting for for a really long time.  In a world where it seems like every new movie has a leak in it somewhere.  JC has kept an air tight lid on this project.  Nothing was coming out of this camp until today.  JC treated us to 25 minutes of his new film, and I was not disappointed.  By showing us what he did, JC proved to us just how calculating he is.  Even though we felt like we saw a lot of this film, he never showed us anything to give the story away.  By what we saw there is no way that we can paint a clear picture of what the plot is.  To that I say, well played Mr. Cameron, well played.

At this point I can hear you saying, "Their day is done.  Nothing else cool will come of this day.".  And to you I say, "Wrong!".  They didn't even give us time to pick our jaws up off of the floor and they hit us with Terry Gilliams new film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.  This film is the last film that Heath Ledger ever stared in.  I have to say this film has Terry Gilliam written all over it.  The scenes are fantastic and beautiful, and you can tell that every inch of the film is exactly what he wanted.

We were given a little break with the Pandorum panel.  Nothing against this film, but there wasn't anything very mind blowing about it.  It's a horror film that takes place in space.  I like all of the actors who are starring in it and I know that I will watch and enjoy it.  It just didn't take much brain power to catch what they were throwing at you.

The the last panel that we saw was Kick-Ass.  This was one panel that I couldn't wait for and let me tell you I was not let down.  In fact, this was the only panel that I have ever seen that received a standing ovation.  I have to admit, I almost drooled a little bit.  This movie appears to have everything a movie geek needs.

Off to the races we go.  Once Dr. Venkman, Mr. Black and I left the grand Hall H we headed to the screening of Mystery Team.  This was a special treat for us here at GT because the people who made this film are friends of ours and we want to support them as much as possible.  I enjoyed the film very much and I hope that all of you get a chance to see it for yourselves.

With the screening over, it's time to party.  We were on the list for a few of the swanky parties around town and who are we to turn down such invitations.  We got delicious food at the Stargate Universe party but I left feeling a little disappointed.  I really wanted to meet Lou Diamond Phillips while we were there, but alas I was not able to fulfill this dream.  One day LDP we will meet and what a glorious day that shall be.  Moving on.

With the swanky party scene starting to wind down and our energy levels still up, what a better thing to do at midnight then go to a free Gwar concert.  That's right, Gwar.  I have never listened to band previous to tonight, but I heard it was a stage show that you could not miss.  The music was fast, loud and I think that we were the only people in that concert that were not covered in red and/or green fake blood that the band so graciously sprayed the crowd with.

With the clock striking two and no trouble for us to get into, we have decided to call it a day.  Just think, this is only Thursday.  Expect great things from tomorrow.  We will be posting all day and our Twitter will be blowing up.  For all of you that are going to be at the Con this weekend, hit us up.  We will be giving away t-shirts all day and we want you all to be wearing them.  Remember, GeekTyrants roll deep.  Until next time, let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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