KICK-ASS Comic-Con Footage Kicked Ass!


As much as I loved the Avatar panel at Comic-Con, the Kick-Ass movie panel was my favorite one so far! I was looking forward to this one more than anything this year, because I am a huge fan of the comic book, and I couldn't wait to see what director Matthew Vaughn did to Mark Millar's story. And guess what? It was awesome! Vaughn totally nailed it! This film is going to be a fantastic adaptation of the comic book! I was floored by what I saw.

Matthew Vaughn came in and did a little introduction, but pretty much went right to showing us some of the Kick-Ass movie film footage. He showed us four clips from the film, and then an compilation of action sequences from the film that had me and the rest of the crowd drooling all over themselves. It was brilliant!

The first scene that was saw was of Big Daddy training hit girl to take a bullet. Telling her that it will only hurt for a second like, gutting punched in the chest. He then proceeds to shoot her in the chest knocking her to the ground. He walks over to her and say's, "See, now that wasn't so bad, was it?" The scenes continues with some great dialogue about a father and daughter negotiating going our for ice cream after he shoots her in the chest two more times, and that she can't cry or complain.

Then we saw a scene that involved the main character doing a narration about a guy wanting to be a superhero, and how he jumped off a building thinking he would fly. The outcome was not so good. If you read the comic book, you know what I'm talking about.

We then see Dave talking to his two geek buddies about how it would be cool if just a regular guy became a superhero to help stop crime. They, of course, taunt him for such a terrible idea. But of course Dave does what he thinks is best. Creates a costume and goes out to pick his first fight with a couple guys stealing his car. Dave who is now Kick-Ass, is cocky as hell and tries to take on the thieves. Dave however gets his ass kicked real bad, first by being stabbed in the gut, and as he stumbles into the street he is hit by a car.

After he is hospitalized and is fully recovered he doesn't give up on his dream of being a crime fighter. He puts his costume back on and goes to the apartment of a gangster who is bugging the girl that he is infatuated with. He pretty much goes to tell this guy to leave her alone or he will break both of his legs. They get into it and right before Kick-Ass is about to get his ass kicked again a blade slices through the gangster, and as he falls, Hit Girl is revealed. This is where the movie gets even better, and more insane! Here you have an 11 year old girl saying, "Which one of you cunts is first?" and then proceeds to kill a room full of thugs in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Watching hit girl in action on the big screen was amazing and fantastic.

Then Vaughn showed a compilation of action scenes which were so freakin cool! I wish you could have seen it! This stuff blew me away, and it was everything I hoped this movie would be! I loved the costumes! This was the first time we got to see Big Daddy and Hit Girl in their costumes, they are different from the comic book costumes but still incredibly cool, and they fit the characters awesomely. I also really liked what they did with Hit Girls hair, it's purple and it looks great!

This live action film is stay's very true to the comic book in terms of style, feel, and violence. This movie does not hold back on the violence at all, it is ultra violent, and ultra awesome. This stuff could easily offend some people, but I enjoyed the hell out of it! It's a fun story, with great characters, that you as a geek can relate too.

The footage that was shown for Kick-Ass got a standing ovation from the crowed. Not even Avatar got a standing ovation. This is going to be a big hit, and it should have no problem getting a distributer now, after the positive reception it received by the fanboys and fangirls. I can't wait to see the finished product! I am 100% sold on Kick-Ass.

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