Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel Comic-Con


My comic con schedule has been all over the place today, mostly due to my excessively long grooming regime this morning.  Coupled with my inability to correctly read a schedule, I ended up in a Q&A with Joe Quesada, the head of Marvel Comics.  I have never read a comic book, so I'm just going to type out my notes with little or no interpretation.

The panel started with clips from some recent Marvel Animation projects.  Friend of GeekTyrant Frank Paur will be happy to hear that the Hulk Vs. clips got a really good response.  Then they showed a little faux-stop motion parody of some Marvel characters called "Superheroes What the @&#^? The Problem with Pirates..."  The line "you're just a cutrate version of a dead guy" got a huge laugh, so you can probably guess who that was directed to--I have no idea.

Announcements:  There will be 8 pages of new Spiderman story on every two weeks.  Charlie Huston is doing a 7 issue run of Deathlok for Marvel Knights.  We will learn who the Red Hulk is and be introduced to Red She Hulk.  Hulk World Wars: Gamma will open with the death of a major character in the Hulk mythos.

Responses to questions: The Clone Saga will not bleed into Brand New Day.  600 is like a special issue, Hercules, Red Hulk and The Incredible Hulk will continue their serialization.  The Twelve is being worked on and there will be news about that in a couple weeks.  Iron Man Viva Las Vegas will continue when Iron Man 2 is out of the way.  Increased pricing reflects the value they think they deliver, which is why pricing has not been increased across the board.  They would like to bring back Toxin but Spiderman's plate is full at the moment.  They did not say that Ben Reilly is coming back but there is an arc coming up called Who is Ben Reilly?  (Or is it Riley? That probably makes more sense.)  People love Bucky, but they are bringing Steve Rogers back to Captain America.  Digital copies will not replace ink on paper.  Joe Kelly will not be back on Deadpool any time soon.  Some dude likes Thor's new costume, but Joe still won't say anything about his new writer or new event.  Post War of Kings news will be coming in the next 6 weeks.  Thor is the next Marvel character to be pushed mainstream in the way that Iron Man has (and to a lesser extent Deadpool).  Ultimatum 5 comes out tomorrow and they hope to have Ultimate Universe books coming out more regul;arly after the first of the year.  Mark Millar will be coming out with Ultimate _______.  (That's an epic reporting fail right there.  Sorry.)  There will be a Deadpool/Red Hulk book in August.  No current plans for an animated Marvel Zombies, though the book did unexpectedly well.  Dark Reign will continue into December.  When good writers start Miniseries' and then stop midway it's because their actual jobs have interfered and Joe chooses not to replace them.  There are no current plans to adapt any classic or contemporary literature although they are working on a project with the Poet Laureate.  Characters, relationships, and casts have always been dynamic; lack of change makes things stale.  Writers get ideas and they see what sells; consistency is more important than sameness.  Change can reinvigorate a series.  They are aware of piracy but can't police the entire internet.  They take down the most egregious examples.

Final Announcement! Marvel has acquired the rights to Marvel Man!  New books will be coming out in the New Year.  They are talking to the creator and influential writers.

There you go!  I hope that made more sense to you than it did to me!

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