TRON LEGACY Comic-Con Panel Photos

Comic-Conby Joey Paur


We told you in detail about what we saw at the Tron Legacy panel, and the new designs for the film, now you can see them for yourself! Check out the photos below!

Here is The Light Runner which carryies up to two passengers, and can move off the grid and it looks great!


The new lightcycle design looks freakin awesome! It is the original basic design but updated to look completely bad-freakin ass!


Second Generation Light Cycle: Designed in 1989 by Kevin Flynn and "rumor has it its still the fastest thing on the grid" It looks like an inbetween model in the evolution of light cycles, incorporating some of the look of the first film and the realness and slickness of the new design.


Disc wars has evolved from the original film. It will now include 16 contestants battling against each other. The arena is set-up so that the game court organically evolves.


What do ya think?

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