WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE footage summary/review


I think the best trailer of the year so far, has been for Spike Jonze's adaptation of the classic children's book, Where The Wild Things Are. I don't know one person, not one, who isn't somehow moved by the trailer. It has a wonderful tone, and I couldn't wait to see some new footage and scenes for the movie at Comic-Con.

They began the "panel" with showing us a mini documentary following Where the Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak, and director Spike Jonze.

Sendak speaking to Jonze said:

When I first wrote the book. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. It's probably the same way they are looking at you now. They just don't understand.

Sendak continued:

Critics hated it when it first came out. It wasn't until a couple of years later it found it's following, when librarians realized that it was the only book kids were checking out.

Sendak believes strongly in Jonze, praising him saying:

For over fifteen years, there have been several people who have been interested in making this movie. But Spike is the first person I WAS interested in... Spike reminds of the filmmakers in the 60's, who were crazy and bonkers, but so dramatically talented.

Sendak gave his seal of approval saying Spike wasn't afraid to make Where the Wild Things Are his own. You're going to recognize a lot of things, but he's created this whole new world.

They then brought out the young star of the film, Max Records(Brothers Bloom) to introduce the several exclusive clips from the movie. Max quoted a much more blunt statement Sendak told him saying:

Maurice told me, ' I really like this movie. And I hope people like it. Cuz if not... they can all go straight to hell.'

Max went on to tell a story of how Jonze would use a propane tank to shoot fire at him, to get more realistic reactions out of his performance. I'm pretty sure that violates some laws. But whatever works I guess.

The first clip was prety akin to the trailer. But the second clip was an awesome scene between Max and James Gandolfini voiced Wild Thing named Carol. Gandolfini was hilarious, panting when he explained:

Max, everything in this kingdom belongs to you. Except that hole, that's Ira's hole. The tree is your's but that hole belongs to Ira. But everything else is yours. Oh, and except that rock.

(While walking in the desert)Now this part of the Kingdom isn't that great... Don't feed the dog(the giant 50 foot dog) he'll just start following you around.

The Wild Things are practical costumes, but with CG eyes and mouths. The look is incredible, and surprisingly expressive. In the next scene, the monsters throw each other around(you see shots of this the trailer) and dog pile onto Max, and fall asleep. Not the most important scene, but it was adorable, and some elements of the book are brought up.

The last scene was insane! Max ad the Wild Things build a fort out of huge boulders, rocks, and straw. The smashing and tearing down of trees gives you such an amazing sense of how playful yet powerful these creatures are. The set design for it was crazy. The fort resembled the curves of L.A's Disney Concert Hall, rather than a box of twigs. The world Spike has created is massive in scope and Max's wonderment is perfectly portrayed.

Overall the footage was breathtaking. The crowd ate it up, and it was a great way to start the day in Hall H.