EXTRACT Panel and Footage summary/review: Will Beavis and Butthead return to the screen?


MTV's Josh Hurwitz moderated the panel for the movie Extract. They began by showing the Trailer. He then introduced the panel consisting of writer/director Mike Judge, Jason Batemen and Mila Kunis. Kristen Wiig was supposed to join the panel, but is filming a movie in New Mexico (Batemen also happens to be in that movie, but arrived by plane at 5:00 am for his first Comic-Con appearance)

Josh opened up by asking Judge about Extract's similarities to Office Space. Judge confirmed it will be very similar to Office Space in the aspect of everyday worker interactions, but obviously set in a factory.

When asked why the characters he usually creates are stupid, Judge stated:

"When someone complains about how women are portrayed[in my films]. I tell them everyone is portrayed poorly."

He later went on to further explain:

"I do have a lot of dumb asses in my work, or at least a smart person beset by stupid people.. but sometimes I'm the dumb guy too."

They revealed that Kunis' character is a bit of a grifter. Seemingly nice, but with alterior motives.

Kunis describes her character as more of a survivor, and stated that

"Every one has a bit of Cindy (Kunis's character) in them."

The first excusive clip they showed, was an extended version of a clip we brought you a couple of days of ago, revolving around when Mila and Jason's character's first meet. In extends, showcasing Ben Affleck brilliantly playing Jason's long haired stoner friend. Affleck is freaking hilarious, he's been slowly regaing his cred the last few years and this will only help.

The second clip revolved around an ill conceived plan that takes place at the center of the film. Ben's character has been trying to get Jason to take Xanax. But he accidentally gives him a form of horse tranquilizer. Jason and Ben's character's then conceive a plan to hire a gigolo, to pose as his new pool cleaner, in order to seduce Jason's wife, who he suspects is cheating on him.

The footage was hilarious, as the "male whore" is a complete idiot, who can't wrap his head around the simple plan, while Batmen is barely holding on, trying to explain the plan

The third clip takes place the morning after the said plan is set into motion. A hungover Batemen realizes what he's done, and tries to call it off. When the "spanish named" gigolo calls him to report that the deed is done. This was the funniest of the clips. The gigolo saying...

"If there's anyone else you want to refer me too, or if you want me to do your wife again..."

The audience began asking the panel questions. Most of them related to the panels different projects. Here are some of the interesting points and  good quotes!

Judge: Everyone in Hollywood thought Office Space was a miss step, but well made. We're hoping Extract has a more general appeal than Office Space, but a better release than Idiocracy.

Batemen exclaimed and suggested to Judge:

Mike, why don't you make one of these every 18 months, like Christopher Guest does, and get an acting troupe and do a lot more of these.

When asked 'why he hates america, on account that he makes fun of a lot of American culture. Mike joked:

"Do I? I love america, I've been to europe, and uuugh."

In reference to the footage,  a guy asked if Mila needed a pool cleaner?

Mila laughed... "That was good... If I did, you would be my pool cleaner."

Judge revealed that unfortunately, there are no cameos or roles for any of the Office Space cast. Bum out! What on earth was Stephen Root doing?

Judge was asked 'Do you prefer animation or live action?'

In live action, they kiss your ass treat you better. In animation, they don't care who you are.

I liked animation when I was doing it on my own. But when it turns into a big factory, you spend most of your time telling people  to correct smiles and fingers.

Batemen addressed the potential Arrested Development movie:

Arrested Development is still going forward. Mitch Hurwitz had a busy television series, but is getting ready to write a script. It could be as early as within 6 monts, but as late as 18. I'm hoping for the 6.

Batemen imagines the Movie would use the final scene of Arrested Development as a jumping off point. In which Maeybe pitches a TV series based on her family to Ron Howard.

Will we see more adventures of Beavis and Butthead in the future?

Judge: We have a couple treatments written. If people really wanted it...(tons of applause) It's not out of the question. We're actually now, doing the thing we do every three four years, we're taking about it again!

Mike stated that someone had suggested to make a TV version or animated version of Idiocracy. Seems a little far fetched and not a promising though.

When a guy comes up dressed up as a Biker Scout form Star Wars, Mila accidentally refers him as a Storm Trooper. People laughed mostly,but  there were a couple boos. She shant revover from that one.

Mila said she has never been down to the exhibit hall. But Batemen went to the Extract booth, which he highly recommends, and took a picture with a cardboard cut-out of himself. I would do the same if I were in his shoes.

Extract is going to be a solid comedy. Hopefully this will give Judge both box office and critical success!

Extract hits theaters this labor day, September 4th.

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