IRON MAN 2 Comic-Con Panel Coverage


Kevin Feige comes on stage to talk about raising the bar and making improvements.

Jon Favreau walks out on stage, with his flip camera, you know how do does it.

Here comes the footage:

Lame, behind the scenes, stuff from the first film.

Then in comes Robert Downey Jr. to show the fans much much better footage. Called the footage that Jon showed us bullshit.

But before he does we sing happy birth to Jon’s son Max.

The the real footage that was shown was absolutely in-freakin-credible! It blew everyone one out of their minds! The crowds cheered, there was a standing ovation afterwards, and very much deserved, Iron man 2 is everything we want it to be!

The footage starts out with Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit sitting in a giant donut eating a donut, just kickin back. In comes Nick Fury, yelling up at him that they needed to talk. They end up sitting in the donut/coffee shop drinking coffee and talking about what Tony is currently going through, and about joining Shield, Tony tells him he is not going to join his super secret boy band. He seems down in the dumps, and unsure about what he is doing.

Next scene has Tony Stark in a courtroom setting, with Gary Shandling playing a senator, who is requesting Tony to hand over his Iron Man suit to the U.S. government. Tony, being the smart ass that he is, flatly refuses, and starts to get the court room stirred up by talking about why he will not give the government his suit. While doing this Rhodey enters the courtroom, it doesn’t look like they are getting along. But Don Cheadle is going to be great as Rhodey! As they keep getting into it more, the court room starts to clap and cheer. He called the senator panel ass-clowns, and the senator comes back with F you Tony.


Then the voice over of Whiplash begins, while he is talking about Tony Stark, his family, and how they have a history of destruction, he his going through Tony Starks designs, and building a suit of his own. After we see a little bit of him hammering out metal, we see Whiplash in all of his glory, on a race track, Tony is on the ground bleeding. Then Whiplash starts rocking his whips! The light and energy from his whips are connected to his chest energy piece, you’ve seen the pics you know that it’s grungy and hard, but thats just his first model. When he cracks the whips there are lightning bolts of energy that come from his chest and into the whips, it looks pretty damn cool!


There is then a bunch of short action packed clips edited together, and in them we see Black Widow kicking ass, and let me tell you, she looks fantastic in full on action up on the big screen.

At last we get to see Iron Man in full costume flying through the sky as he is bring fired upon by anti aircraft weapons. So he is flying through the night sky trying not to get shot down. It looked so cool! We thought the footage would end on that note because the Iron Man 2 logo popped up, but then...

We see Rhodey standing in a aircraft hanger with a couple of other military personal, standing in front of a busted up Mark II. Then Justin Hammer walks up, and it looks like a deal is going down because Hammer starts talking what kind of weapons Rhodey is looking for. Pulls out some pretty awesome looking firepower. Rhodey doesn’t really show any any interest, Justin sees this and tells him that he can’t read him, and asks what he is thinking. Rhodey says he will take it all. The scene then cuts out...

And cuts back in to reveal War Machine in all his glory weapons ablaze with massive fire power! It was glorious.

It looks like they really pulled it off, judging by the footage we saw Iron Man 2 will be better than the first one. I’m excited for all of you to eventually get to see this footage because it was really quite fantastic.

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