LOST Comic-Con Panel Breakdown


Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse come back to Comic-Con for their final year, to answer the fan’s questions, and tell us as much information about the show as they possibly can... which isn’t much. But here is the run down for you.

Here is your LOST Season 6 run down:

There will be a lot of characters from the first season that you will see in the final season

The goal for them is to watch the final season of the show and not know what to expect.

The velvet art project is revealed.

Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday) will be back on the show.

There is something different planned for the last season of the show. They have had flashbacks and time travel aspects, but the final season will be something new.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) came up to ask a bunch of silly questions about the show, and there is a pretty funny act between he and Michael Emerson (Ben), which was pretty funny. If video of it ever pops up I will post it. After they are finished with a little feud that led into a funny fake audition tape of Michael auditioning for the character Hurley.

You will see a lot of Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert), in season 6 and you will learn his back story. He then joins the Panel on stage.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) will be in the final season.

There will be new and more information revealed on the Dharma Initiative.

Josh Halloway (Sawyer) joins the Panel and tazes the creators of the show to take the keys to a box that holds the last two pages of the script for the show LOST.

They then read the script to reveal what is written and it turns out it is from a fake write up of Heroes.

They then show a memorium video of the the people that have died on lost. After the video Charlie walks on stage and holds his hand out. Written on the palm of his hand are the words “I Am Alive.”

They thank everyone for the success and it’s over.

They never answer the question of if the the detonation of the bomb worked or not, but they keep saying everyone will be back in the final season.

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