Marvel Animation - PLANET HULK Trailer!


We got our first look at the trailer for Marvel's Planet Hulk animated movie at the Comic Con Marvel Animation Panel, and this looks bloody fantastic! This by far will be one of the best 2D animated films made by either Marvel or DC. This movie looks like it is going to be incredible! After they showed this trailer yesterday at the panel the crowd went crazy and roared like banshee lions. This is the type of animated stuff we want to see!

Based on Greg Pak's comic-book storyline (Incredible Hulk issues #92 to #105), the movie begins with the Illuminati (a secret group of superheroes that includes Iron Man and Professor X) sentencing the Hulk to exile on a deserted planet because the big, green guy has become a danger to Earth. While in outer space, Hulk does what Hulk does best -- gets angry -- and causes his rocket to crash land on the vicious planet of Sakaar, where he is captured and eventually becomes a triumphant gladiator.

This was developed by the same guys that made The Invincible Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Hulk Vs. Check out the first trailer for Planet Hulk right now, and tell us what you think!