ROBERT DOWNEY JR to join Zach Galifianakis in DUE DATE


When we reported that the breakout star of the summer, Zach Galifianakis was again teaming up with director Todd Phillips, on a project called Due Date, a road trip movie involving a baby element, which seemed WAY TOO similar to territory the two had covered in The Hangover. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, seeing as The Hangover has been consistently outperforming it's big budgeted foe, raking in over 240 million at the box office. But it definitely isn't a good thing. This would be Phillips third road trip themed movie!

Well it seems as though all can be forgiven, as Variety reveals more insight into the plot of Due Date, and the casting of the great Robert Downey Jr opposite Galifianakis.


Downey will play an expectant father who finds himself on a road trip with a mismatched partner, as he races to get there before the birth of his first child.

Galifianakis will play Downey's road trip mate.  Phillips descirbes it as,  “a buddy comedy without the buddies.”

Do do, do do da do. That's me trying to do the theme song from the Odd Couple. Did you figure that out? I take full responsiblity if you didn't.

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