Sanctuary Panel Rundown


is about to launch their second season on Syfy (or Cyfeye?) so I went to their panel featuring executive producers Martin Wood and Damian Kinsler, as well as stars Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne. It was moderated by Michael Logan of TV Guide, who is crazypants! in the best possible way. I covet his Vitruvian Man t-shirt. They introduced the panel and then showed a clips package almost entirely made up of first season moments, but don’t worry, they promise the second season, set to debut this October, is way better. They swear. They just won’t show any of it. Which is a little lame.



They have absolutely no problem talking about it though, and they give up some pretty good dirt. One thing they let slip is that the Tokyo Sanctuary (they’ll reveal more of the global Sanctuary network this season) will be destroyed by some sort of Godzilla like abnormal early in the season and appear, rebuilt, in one of the final episodes. The expansion of the scope of the show through this “global network” is something they’re all very excited about. Expect a lot of greenscreen locations. (I don’t really get how a global network of sanctuaries let’s them spend more time traveling. Why would they have to go to Tokyo? Why can’t the Tokyo office just handle it?)




Most of the season will focus on developing the characters and their relationships. Amanda Tapping in particular emphasized that the first season of launching the characters and their backstories is complete, and now the established characters ground the crazy psyfai and action. They will also introduce a new character in the two part opening who serves as a bit of a foil. Her name is Kate Freelander, and she’s a mercenary who’s instinctive and street-smart rather than logical. Tapping will have a hard time trusting her at the start.




They mentioned a few key episodes to watch out for. Episode 8 is entitled ”Next Tuesday.” Tapping and Dunne pick up a big scary abnormal and their helicopter crashes into a decommissioned oil rig, so they have to deal with that as well as recapturing the escaped abnormal. In episode 1 Tapping actually drives the producer’s car during a chase scene. Apparently everyone but her was scared. She also directs an episode called “Veritas.” Apparently her character goes a little crazy and the episode is a really great showcase of Dunne’s loyalty and devotion to her. Tapping is very proud of the ep, and Damian Kinsler called it “a season highlight.” There’s also a post-apocalyptic scenario that plays out as a “probably future scenario.”


Other interesting things that don’t merit there own paragraph? They’ve promised to consider not killing off all of their guest stars. Future guest stars this season include Erica Cerra, Callum Blue, and Michael Shanks. Tapping promises that it will not be Sam Daniel. (Or Sam/Daniel? I’m not familiar with Stargate.) Watson is really dead for the present and the future, but in season 3 or beyond they would like to bring Peter Winfield back to investigate his backstory.




All in all it looks to be a pretty good year for Sanctuary. If you're into that kind of thing, and let's face it: you are, definitely check it out.

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