Short Movie Review: THE UGLY TRUTH


The Ugly truth is a great date movie. It everything a good date flick needs, romance and crud humor that will keep you laughing. Katherine Heigl plays the roll of Abby Richter, an uptight morning show producer whose ratings are going down the toilet, as well as her search for that unrealistic perfect man, until they hire Mike Chadway played by Gerard Butler as their new morning talk show host that tells women what men really want.

Mike is just such a jackass on his point of view on what men want is a women that Abby has a hard time working with him until Mike makes a deal with Abby that if he helps her with her love life, she will leave him alone. Abby has her eye on the doctor that lives near her. As Abby does everything  that Mike tells her to do, the doctor falls for her.

One of my favorite parts is when Mike buys Abby a pair of pleasure toy panties that she ends up wearing to dinner with her boss, the doctor, Mike and the other Babes of the movie. The remote to the panties falls out of her purse and a little boy picks it up and turns it on. As she is enjoying herself she is also presenting new ideas to her bosses. It is just so awkward and funny at the same time.

I don’t want to give away the rest but you can only guess where this ends up. It is a romantic comedy! Please take a date or go with your girl friends and have a good laugh, I know I did!

- Ker Bear

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