Solomon Kane Comic-Con Panel


So this came out of nowhere.  The trailer was amazing.  Solomon Kane is given to us by the creator of Conan and Red Sonya.

Michael Bassett is the director and the film stars James Purefoy.

Here is a little synopsis:

Solomon Kane thought he was an unstopable force.  He was a pirate and thought that he was the baddest of the bad.  Until he met someone worse.  When he finds this new force that is worse then he is and realizes that that is not the path he wants to go down.  By turning his back on the evil life, Solomon vows to never take another life in order to save his soul  Until a family that he is taveling with gets attacked by the minions of evil and the daughter is kidnapped, he picks up his sword again to fight for what is right.

I love the way this movie is shot.  If you have seen Conan or Red Sonya you know that those films had a certian hardness to them.  The sets and places they went always looked like they could hurt you.  This film holds that same feeling.  The shots are gritty and raw, you feel how dismal the time is for this character.

I am telling you that if you are into good old fashion action flick, this looks like the movie for you.  I have heard of nothing of this film before today but I must say this I am excited to see this film.  I am going to give it to you straight.  This is not a movie that you see for the story.  You see this for the swords, blood and guts.

As soon as a trailer comes out we will bring it to you.  We here at GT will keep you posted on any updates that we come across.  Until then, let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!