What Do the Lost Commercials Mean? Speculation

At the Lost panel, the revealed the winner of the fan written theme song, and afterwards we got a word from their "sponsors." We'll take them one by one.

The first was an Oceanic Air commercial, in which attractive stewardesses brag about their "30 year perfect safety record," ever since their founding "in 1979."  Clearly the plane never crashed.

Next was a Mr. Clucks commercial, starring its owner, Hugo Reyes, bragging about his good luck ever since he won the lottery.  This goes back farther than the plane crash.  Hurley's lotto win brought nothing but misery.  This is indicates an alternate reality.

Finally, we see a clip from America's Most Wanted, reporting on the fugitive Kate Austen.  The clip details her plan to kill her stepfather, Wayne Janssen, by cutting the gas line.  Then we learn that her plan went awry when Janssen's assistant, Ryan Millner, was the one who returned to the shop that night.  Ryan Millner was killed in the explosion.  Kate Austen is still on the run after a violent escape from a federal marshall.  This is a total mindf---.

When Jorge Garcia asked his question, he asked if the plan worked and the plane never crashed, did the other seasons just never happen?  Because that would be a big cheat.  Darlton said, "Just trust us."  Taken together, these commercials seem to mean that if the plan worked the Losties are in an alternate reality.  I'm not really up on my superstring theory, but dooes the island move not just in space/time, but through the Multiverse?  Can someone who's done post-doctoral work in physics please explain this to me?

My theory is that the Losties will return to an alternate reality with some level of memory of what happened.  Or they're all really bananas and an autistic kid is making the whole story up.  I have no idea at this point, but I can't wait to find out.  I want to hear your theories in the comments.

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