THE GOODS Red Band Trailer and new Clip

Here's a Red Band Trailer and Clip for the new comedy The Goods, which centers on used-car liquidator Don Ready, who is hired by a flailing auto dealership to turn their Fourth of July sale into a majorly profitable event

Other than the stellar cast of comedic all-stars, what I've seen so far isn't quite my cup o' tea. The comedy seems broad, and slap-sticky... but I'm putting my faith in the cast, which consists of: Jeremy Piven(Entourage), Ed Helms(The Office/The Hangover), Ken Jeong(The Hangover/Knocked Up), Kathryn Hahn(Anchor Man/Step Brothers), Tony Hale(Arrested Development), Craig Robinson(Pineapple Express/The Office), Jordana Spiro(My Boys), David Koechner(Anchorman/Waiting) and Ving Rhames(Mission Impossible). Now that is a plethora of some DANG talented people.

I was hoping Piven, who showed some range in Smokin' Aces and is the main reason I watch Entourage, would take some more interesting roles. This doesn't quite look like it though, it seems in this he'll be doing the usual... what a shame. But again, I'll probably watch it.

Unlike a lot of others, this Red Band Trailer from FunnyOrDie is hard red. Crazy strong language and some brief nudity. You've been WARNED.

The Goods was directed by Chappelle Show co-creator, Neal Brennan, and set for an August 14th release.

Enjoy the clips, and let us know what you think!

This is a clip with Kathryn Hahn using using some interesting sales tactics on a customer.

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