TRON LEGACY's Disc Wars will look this mind blowing... and then some!

These videos are going to blow you away!

I was certain, that after Disney released the Light-Cycle Test Footage for Tron Legacy, they would release the test footage they shot  for the Disc Wars. Even though the cycle sequence was completely polished, and the disc footage were just guys in black spandex, that stuff blew me and the rest of the crowd at Comic-Con away.


As Venkman revealed in his Panel Summary for Tron Legacy, the gladiatorial games from the first Tron have evolved.  The Disc Wars will no longer consist of just two contestants hurling discs at each other. Instead, there will be 16 contestants in 8 different battles(2 per battle) happening simultaneously. The floor will combine as players are eliminated, until only two players are left to battle on the now giant playing field. Think the NBA finals, but all at once... and if you lose you die or you lose by dying, however you want to put it.


During the Comic-Con panel, they showed us footage of "Tricking", or as they called it, "Luke Tricking". These are the types of acrobatics that the players will have to use to dodge the deadly disc, or jump off a platform the the disc destroys.

This is some footage of "Tricking".  The combining of martial arts and acrobatic moves in gravity defying combinations will leave you dumbfounded. Like in the Tron footage, there are no wires or trampolines used, just amazing and insanely flexible athletes. What made the Tron footage even more dramatic was the Phantom Camera they used to film it, at 1000 frames per second!!!!!!!!!!!!  So imagine this in the world of Tron, with discs being hurled, people dying, floors transforming and all of this... in 3 effing D.

Watch the clips, and let us know what you think!

Note: You'll have to go to at least 30 seconds into both clips before it gets really crazy!

This is a few guys using "Tricking" in a game of H.O.R.S.E.