IRON MAN 2 Comic-Con Footage Sweded

It's good to see that most people have chosen to respect the wishes of the studios and more importantly the filmmakers, as to not post videos or images of the footage shown at this years Comic-Con. That, or the studios are doing a hell of a job yanking that stuff down. I think Patton Oswalt did the best job of playing the guilt card while moderating the Disney 3D panels. He taunted the crowd saying something to the effect of, "Alright everybody, whip out your camera phones. Cuz that's EXACTLY how these artists and filmmakers want people to see their work they've spent years doing. It's only their blood sweat and tears. But go ahead!" So as it was said

So in the spirit of complying with that guilt trip, here's a "Sweded" version of the Iron Man 2 footage shown at the Con. If you haven't seen Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, then you may not understand the term "Sweded." It means, "films that were erased(VHS) and recreated are referred as being sweded. These remakes are unedited with only a single take per scene. The tapes are described as having come from Sweden as an excuse for higher rental fees and longer wait times"

Unfortunately they miss some key things that were in the footage. Where's a reenactment of War Machine? Where's Gary Shandling saying, "F#@k you Tony Stark!"? And it seems like they had to go out and FIND a black guy off the street. Don't get out much? Aaah, I guess that's sweding though. I kinda prefer my reenactment(sleep deprived rant) of the 2012 footage, but I'm not biased or anything.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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