Update: Superman's Suit Revealed for SMALLVILLE is Fake

In the footage I saw at Comic-Con I could have sworn Superman's new outfit was black, but he was hanging out at night in it. This suit however looks a bit purple. I still think it will be black in the show, black is a bit more slickster. This could be a photoshop job as well, I'm not fully convinced it's for real, you know what? It's fake.

superme524 has offered some nice little insight on the photo in the rant back section:

I use photoshop for a living and I'm a complete nerd. Look at the stance that clark is in. I'll bet my entire paycheck that that is actually Neo (Keanu Reeves) from the matix. look at the cover to the first Matrix movie

I agree with him. What do you think?


Source: scifiwire

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