Has RED Found its Director?


It looks like Robert Schwentke will be the guy who will come on board to direct the Warren Ellis comic book film adaptation of Red, which will star Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. Schwentke directed Jodie Foster in Flightplan, and most recently made The Time Traveler's Wife, which comes out next month.

Red follows Paul Moses, a retired Agent of the CIA, formerly working in "foreign acquisitions". Living in a secluded area, his human contacts are limited to pleasant phone calls to his handler (who desires what she believes to have been Moses' type of work) and letters to his niece that lives in England.

Michael Beesley, the newly politically appointed Director of the CIA, is taken to Room R as part of his initiation, where he learns of Moses' existence and the full extent of his activities. Disgusted by what he has seen, and fearing public reaction should any of those secrets leak out, he orders the assassination of Moses.

A three man hit-team is sent to Moses' residence, and he kills them, recognizing the pattern of the attack and realizing his death has been sanctioned. He calls his handler only to learn that she has been transferred. He informs the Agency that his status has changed from Green to Red before leaving his house and going on the hunt.

This should make for a good film. I guess we'll see what Schwentke will do with it.

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