Hi Res Full Face of the Na'vi Avatar revealed

After seeing the avatar comic con banners of half a face I was just waiting for someone to make a photoshopped version of the full face (a good one). The problem was no one knew what it really looked like. I've seen the 25min a comic con so I have pretty good idea of what it should look like. Some how I got my hands on a high res image of half  a face.


I've taken the time to make a photoshopped Full Face. As far as I can recall from memory this is about 97% there. Keep in mind that the avatar's face is not exactly Sam's face, it has characteristics of his face but its not a 1:1.


And just for comparisons sake here is Sam Worthington's mug.


For those who were there for the Avatar Comic Con panel, please let me know how close this is to the real thing.