Steven Spielberg's Next Film Could Be MATT HELM


Apparently the book series about secret agent Matt Helm has been under development for several years at DreamWorks, it is also one of the films left for Paramount to deal with after the two studio parted ways, they own 100% of the Matt helm property. Even thought the project is still over at Paramount Steven Spielberg is interested in directing it. He's pretty excited about it, especially after the rewrite that screenwriter Paul Attanasio turned in last week. He is for sure attached to produce the film, along with Alex Kurtxman and Roberto Orci. Now it is only a matter of working out the details between the two ex-studios.


I bet Spielberg wishes he had taken the Matt Helm property with him now. DreamWorks is currently closing their financing and new deal with Disney, and I am sure at this point they would like to take Disney along for the ride on this series. You see, Matt Helm is a potential franchise that Paromount can launch and they are under no obligation to make any kind of deal. They can keep it all to themselves if they wanted to. The thing is they will have to make a decision, and it's an interesting one because Paramount is trying to cut back on first-dollar gross deals, and they could save money by going with another filmmaker like Spielberg. If they want to start a successful franchise going along with Spielberg might be a smart move.

Matt Helm is based on a series of 27 novels written by Donald Hamilton about a U.S. government counter-agent, he's a man whose primary job is to kill or nullify enemy agents, not a spy or secret agent in the ordinary sense of the term as used in spy thrillers. While the novels were set in the post-WWII Cold War era, the current script is set in the present. This new script is more of a Bourne Identity type film.

I'd like to see Spielberg get to tackle this one, it is only a matter of time before we see how this all plays out. Should be interesting!

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