Our Resident MANGA Expert JAZZ Reviews BAKUMAN

by Joey Paur


As people grow up what happens to dreams? Most find they get starve to death as the burdens of adulthood fall onto the shoulders of teenagers. as this happens things start to look bleak as we began to look forward to our "normal" lives.

That is where the similarities between most lives end and the story of Bakuman begins. Bakuman is the tale of two high school class mates as they discover and pursue their dreams of becoming mangaka ( someone who makes manga for a living ). As excitement grows the artist of the pair Moritaka Mashiro proposes to the girl he is in love with under the condition that they fulfill their dreams. With out looking back the originator of this mayhem and high school genius Akito Takagi his new friend Mashiro begin their journey into mangaka fame.


Over all it is a great read a well done grab your dreams and hold on type story with a great romantic comedy sub plot. Author and artist of this in-depth manga is none other than the genius mind that brought us all Death Note Tsugumi Ohba.


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