Stan Lee Will Have A Cameo in VENOM Spin-Off Film

by Joey Paur


Is it any surprise to any of you that Stan Lee will have a cameo in the new Spider-Man spin-off film Venom. The guy is becoming more famous from his movie cameos than what he should be remembered for. I guess it's a way to keep his legacy alive.

Zombieland director Paul Wernick is attached to direct the movie, and he recently gave a little interview regarding the film. He wouldn't really say much about what the film Venom will entail, but he did say that Lee's part in the film has already been written in. He tells superherohye:

"Oh, yeah. Stan Lee is in it. I feel like that's the one thing we can say. He does appear in our script, and we're very specific about where he is and why. May he live forever. Let's hope he's in many movies to come."

I really hope they didn't write the script around his cameo! Anyway, I just thought you might want to know the latest Stan Lee cameo news.

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