Tony Starks Grand Prix Race Car From IRON MAN 2

by Joey Paur

Iron man 2 Race Car

I thought you all might enjoy this little photo of Stark Industries-sponsored vintage race car that Tony Stark will be driving in the movie Iron Man 2. It's good know that that Stark has not been spoiled by his amazing Iron Man suits, and that he can still find joy in the simple things of life, like driving a frikin awesome race car. Road & Track says in their article:

Stark will be driving in a scene that depicts him racing in the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, a vintage race held in Monte Carlo. The scene is not being filmed on the actual streets of the tiny, glamorous seaside principality near the south of France, but on an elaborate set that replicates the Monaco circuit. We're not sure what the Stark Industries car, which is built to resemble a '70s racer, is based on exactly, but this image leads us to believe that a fully functional race car — perhaps a Formula Ford or Formula Mazda car — resides beneath that blue-and-white Stark Motor Sports livery. Check out the Avon racing slicks and transmission sticking out the back of the car beneath the rear wing.

What do you think of the car?

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