VIEW-MASTER Toy Will Get it's Own Movie

by Joey Paur


If you thought the movie adaptation of the classic video game 'Asteroids' was bad then you are going to love the movie that is being developed based on the classic View-Master Toy which was developed in 1939. I'm sure the picture above will unleash all the memories you have of the toy.

'Fringe' co-producer/writer Brad Caleb Kane will be writing the script based on the toy for DreamWorks Pictures which is taking on the project. Kane says that Alex Kurtxman and Roberto Orci who worked on 'Star Trek', and 'Transformers' are behind the film and will most likely serve as producers. He goes on to describe the film as being something...

"like the old 80's Amblin movies: Goonies, Young Sherlock... In that vein."

So when they look through the view finder they will see clues leading them to some kind of legendary treasure? Who knows. What are some of your theories about what the movie will be about? Since the View Master is 3-D does that mean the movie will be in 3-D as well?

Source: Comingsoon