New Pic of James Cameron Playing Around on the Set of AVATAR


Here's a new picture of James Cameron on the set of his new film Avatar having a hell of a fun time directing it! I am going to take this time to remind you that I got to see 25 minutes of footage from the film and it was breathtaking. I loved what I saw, this film is going to blow audiences into a place they never thought they could go. This is the Star Wars of the 21st century. I'm telling you... it is incredible! I can't wait for all of you to get a chance to see it! You'll get your chance to see 15 minutes of footage in 3D on Avatar Day, August 21st for free! In the mean time check out the new picture below.

If you want to see a hi res version of what the Na'vi aliens from the film actually look like, Click Here.


Source: Empire

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