Russell Crowe Cast in THE NEXT THREE DAYS


Russell Crowe has a new movie lined up to sar in called The Next Three Day's which is going to be an adaptation of a French film from 2008 called Pour Elle. The director of Crash, Paul Haggis who wrote the script, has also come on board to direct the movie.

Crowe will play a teacher whose wife is arrested and convicted of a murder she says she did not commit. He comes up with a desperate plan to free her.

Haggis explains that Crowe is perfect for the role, he's an actor who can thrive as an everyman who rises when faced with extraordinary circumstance. He goes on to say:

"We've seen him as the gladiator, but he has embodied the Everyman in so many pictures,"

He then explains that the film explores deeper themes of faith and Belief.

"The deeper theme here is, would you save the woman you loved if you knew that by doing so, you would turn into a man that woman could no longer love?"

Ah yes, thats deep. What do you think?

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