What the Hell? G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA is Getting Positive Reviews

MovieRantby Joey Paur


I have to say, I am pretty shocked to see all of the positive reviews coming out on the Stephen Sommers film G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. All the footage I have scene from the film just make the movie look ridiculous. The action, the comedy, the script, story and dialogue have been crap in my eyes. To Me it looks like they ruined everything about G.I. Joe that I loved. And here we we have people saying how awesome it is! Is there a chance that a person like myself who has been a fan of the G.I. Joe pretty much his whole life, is going to actually enjoy a movie that he thinks looks like crap? Well, here is what people are saying around the net.

Devin from CHUD:

Stephen Sommers' GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra manages to almost perfectly replicate the experience you had as a pre-teen playing with your action figures in the back yard. Like a kid banging his toys together and blowing them up with firecrackers, Sommers has made a movie that's just a series of action set pieces strung together with a minimal amount of exposition, stopping only to catch his breath and to move the story along far enough to get to the next action set piece. And damn if it doesn't work... If I was 10 years old, GI Joe would be one of the best movies I had ever seen. As a grown up it's one of the better summer movies; a delightfully light, fun and action-packed kick in the ass.

George from Latino Review:

How it relates to the cartoon: First off, if you liked the cartoon, this is the live action version of the cartoon. I had all the figures, the vehicles, the aircraft carrier, everything when I was a kid growing up. This movie is exactly how I imagined it would be when I was playing with these figures. Kids are going to love this flick. Why the hell couldn't this have been made when I was 9 years old? I'm so jealous of you little bastards who get to see this through the eyes of a child. You are going to love it.

Cobra: I don't think there's a nice way to put this, but here goes - everyone in Cobra is a fucking asshole. There is such a blatant disregard for human life in this film. There must have been thousands of innocent people who died as a result of Cobra's actions.

G.I. Joe: Wow. Even the Joes were impressive. They had a mission to stop the bad guys and that's what they tried to do. Scarlett, played by Rachel Nichols, was the scene stealer. Who knew G.I. Joe had such sex appeal? I could have watched an entire movie that just featured her. Channing Tatum was great as Duke and Dennis Quaid seemed to be enjoying his role as Hawk. The Joes kicked a lot of ass, but they also got their ass handed to them a lot. Ray Park at times, looked uncomfortable in the suit, especially when running. But he was great as well. Hawk is no match for Storm Shadow though...

The action: Absolute chaos. The action is non stop. I had no idea that the movie was filled with so many action and stunt sequences. The first one, where Duke and Ripcord are escorting a convoy only to be attacked by a mysterious gunship, was so much fun to watch. The explosions are everywhere in this, the hand to hand fight scenes are up close and rough, and people die like crazy in this picture. Arrows to the head, ninja stabs through the chest, laser blasts to the face, you name it, they do it.

Harry From AICN:

I was expecting this movie to be far more jokey, tons of cheese and really serious eye-rolling while groaning. Instead, what I got was a fairly straight adaptation of the script, which I always thought would work as a serviceable all-ages GI JOE movie. Although, this is a bit more violent than I was expecting. Blades can cut, death does happen in this universe, but it isn't anything out of whack with the rating. I don't believe there's any foul language - and all flirtation is kept in very good tastes (ahem, BAY!)

In my opinion this is a vastly superior adaptation than either of the TRANSFORMERS movies. For one, this really is a GI JOE story, not a story of a teenager with grandpa's glasses. Here, the world is in peril in a coherent way. It isn't just MEGATRON on a building screaming insults at a boy. But these bad guys, they seriously want to rule the world, not give life to Mountain Dew machines.

So there you have it! Positive feedback from a film that looks like crap. After reading all of these positive reviews, I am a bit more excited to see it. I still have my doubt's but who knows, maybe this movie I have been bashing on for so long will end up proving me wrong. What do you think?

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