'I Sell The Dead' Director Glenn McQuaid wants to Adapt HELLBLAZER

by Joey Paur


I recently had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing the director of 'I Sell The Dead' Glenn McQuaid and I wanted to share with you a little excerpt of the interview that I thought some of you might like to hear. I will post the full interview up very soon, but I thought it would be cool to tell you about what comic book and he would want to adapt into a movie, and what movie he would remake if he had the choice.


For a comic book film he would love to direct 'Hellblazer' the right way, and I think you will love who he would cast in the role as an older John Constantine.

GT: So if a studio came up to you and said, hey we have a comic book movie we want you to direct.

Oh! I'd be all about it! But to be honest with you if they came up to me and said ‘you know we have a remake' (laughs) I would, mean I can't turn anything down right now. But I think some movies could or it would make sense, I'd love to see a 'Race With The Devil' remake, Peter Fonda, Warren Oates movie, it's time to have a devil worshipping rouge movie with a winnebago.

But as far as comic books I think they still haven't made a Hellblazer movie. They did Constantine and they shifted it to L.A.! Now it's not a bad movie, but I mean the comic book I love, and it's just a gritty east end of London 'The Craze' meets 'The Exorcist'. You know, I'd love to do that! Where Ray Winston as an older John Constantine, and just set it in a smoking nasty east end London gangster club, with demons. (Laughs) So yeah, thats what I want!

'I Sell The Dead' was such a fun film and McQauid has a strong talent and tons of potential. I would love to see him take on the role of director for either one of these movies because I think he has got the vision and talent to be able to pull it off. I am excited to see what he ends up doing next for a feature film. Whatever he ends up doing next will help prepare him for bigger and better things.

So do you want to see a 'Hellblazer' movie or what!?