BIG FAN Movie Trailer

by Joey Paur


The first trailer for Patton Oswalt's Big Fan has hit the web today, and it really makes the film look good. The movie is about a guy named Paul who is an obsessive New York Giants fan whose chance encounter with his football hero unexpectedly ends in violence.

This dark comedy also co-stars Kevin Corrigan and Michael Rapaport. I had a chance to see this film up at the Sundance Film Festival, and my first reaction was that I didn't like it. It rubbed me the wrong way, I didn't get what I expected it to be. After I thought about it though, I couldn't help but appreciate the performance that Patton Oswalt puts forth in the film that helps drive the story forward. He was quite good in it. It was also written by the same guy that wrote The Wrestler, only this movie was not as good.

Check out the trailer for Big Fan below and let us know what you think.

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