BLADE Spin-Off Prequel Trilogy has been Confirmed

by Joey Paur


Whose ready for a Blade spin-off prequel!? This news actually broke in October of last year but has recently received confirmation. The director of the original Blade, Steven Norrington is team up once again with Stephen Dorff who played the villain in the first movie, Deacon Frost. The plan is to develop it as a prequel trilogy. Dorff has said:

"It will be a prequel to the 'Blade' movies, Deacon's story. It's a new trilogy the director has created. It will be cool. We hope to shoot the first film next year. Frost is a character I have never been able to shake."

Now is confirming the the project is going to move  forward right after Norrington finishes up the reboot of The Crow which shouldn't be happening in the first place. The director also says that Dorff is the guy that came up with the new Blade project and has since turned into a very interesting story. As for Blade himself being in the story, he say's:

"The linkage to 'Blade' is still big in the equation."

It will be a decent amount of time before we see this film project actually go down, because of the directors commitment to The Crow. I've enjoyed the Blade films and I wouldn't mind seeing a prequel, it worked for Underworld. Are you up for seeing a new Blade prequel spin-off trilogy?


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