MAJOR LEAGUE 4 is running the bases

by Eli Reyes


It looks as if a Major League 4 movie is at the plate and ready to bat. The original 1989 Major League which starred Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes is a home run of a comedy, and is now a beloved classic. We can all at least be grateful they're bunting with a fourth installment, instead of swinging for the fences with a remake. They would undoubtedly strike out if they tried to recapture the pennant... blah blah blah baseball reference.


Moviehole reported that actor and baseball legend Bob Uecker who played Major League commentator Harry Doyle,recently sang the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field, and later discussed his involvement in the Major League films. Uecker has apparently had contact from the creative team behind the first three films, and confirmed that a fourth Major League movie is in the works.

The original centered on the story of an exotic dancer who marries the owner of a baseball club. After he does not survive the honeymoon, she is in control of his ball club. Looking at a small stadium, she wants to move to warmer climes where some new stadiums have been built, but her lease has only one escape clause, poor attendance. She fields the worst team she can find. The attitude of the owner gives the misfits and losers something to rally around and they fight back.

I can only vaguely remember the second one, which brought back most of the original cast, aside from Snipes who was replaced by Omar Epps. And the third movie Major League: Back To The Minors which starred  Scott Bakula, was a box office disaster, which I'm sure they would like us NOT to remember.

Aside from Uecker, there is no word as to who'll be coming back for the fourth film. We can only guess that this will be a straight to DVD affair. I think the only hopes for a theatrical release would be a return of the full original cast, which doesn't look likely.

What do you guys think? Are you ready to bust out the peanuts and cracker jack for a new Major League Movie???

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