SNL sketch MacGRUBER is being adapted into a Movie!

by Eli Reyes

Following in the footsteps of Wayne's World, Coneheads, and Night At The Roxbury, there is a new SNL character who will be coming to the big-screen... MacGruber!!!!!! Jorma Taccone will direct the bigscreen adaptation of the SNL comedy sketch, which parodied the 1985 TV Show MacGyver.


Taccone created the Macgruber character, and directed and wrote most of the MacGruber Sketches. Taccone has been a writer on SNL since 2005, but you may know him better as the other guy from the Andy Samberg video "Jizz In My Pants". Or you may have seen his acting performances in Hot Rod, or as the monkey Cha-Ka in Land Of The Lost.


Much like MacGyver, Macgruber has a vast scientific knowledge, and can make "life saving inventions out of household materials." The sketches have had several appearances by MacGyver himself  Richard Dean Anderson. But in the Macgruber sketches, which star Will Forte, and Kristen Wiig(originally Mia Rudolf), MacGruber always gets distracted by some personal issue that prevents him from saving the day. There in lies the funny!

But there in lies the problem as well, the sketches are literally 30 seconds long! But they usually have several in one episode, with the characters unexplainably resurrected in each one. Will they pull this Kenny from South Park trick in the movie as well? Filming begins next month in New Mexico. No word as of yet, as to what the story will be, but I have complete faith in Taccone's writing abilities. Let's just hope MacGruber turns out like Wayne's World, and not like Stuart Smalley.

Hand me that pen. Now hand me that paperclip. Ok, hand me the script. Don't worry everyone, the movie will be a success. Just as long as they...



Source: ComingSoon

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