by Eli Reyes


I've been saying for nearly a decade that, "Zach Galifiankis is gonna be big one day!" After cutting his teeth for years with his stand up, a cancelled talk show on Vh1(where I first took notice of him), and numerous supporting movie roles, Zach is finally a star. He completely stole the show in this years smash hit comedy The Hangover, which was directed by Old School director Todd Phillips, and has already grossed more than 200 million dollars.

It seems that all eyes are on Zach! But much like a small band you fall in love with, your hopes for their success, is equalled only by the hopes that they don't 'sell out' along the way. I genuinely hope that Zach can find projects that make use of his tremendous talent, and not just one with a big paycheck at the end of it. Of course, he hasn't shaved in years, so it's hard to imagine him settling on something he doesn't want to do.

According to THR, he has a few projects in mind that he may take on next.

The actor's name has surfaced in connection with at least three projects, people familiar with those pics say: the Todd Phillips' pregnancy-themed comedy "Due Date;" the comedy "Say Uncle;" and another Phillips' project, the supernatural laffer "Man-Witch."

Man-Witch centers on a man who finds he has supernatural talents and ends up at an all-girls witch school. This is a project that Jack Black dropped out of last year. Barring some clever rewrites, this is hopefully something Zach passes on as well.

Date centers on a slacker who takes a road trip with an uptight businessman, which features a road trip and a baby in it's plotline. This covers territory way too close to The Hangover, and the possible, if not inevitable Hangover sequel that is already in talks.

Galifianakis has yet to sign on to any of the three projects. But he does have a few things coming out you can catch him in. He's co-starring in the upcoming HBO show Bored To Death alongside Jason Schwartzaman. If you have kids, you'll see him the 3-D movie G-Force. And you can always catch up on the beyond awkward (but staged)interviews that take place on his talk show parody Between Two Ferns.

So what do you think Zach should do next?

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