Braveheart Screen Writer Brought in to Rewrite Disney's CAPTAIN NEMO Film

by Joey Paur


Screenwriter Randall Wallace is being brought in by Disney to rewrite the McG directed film Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which will be a new take on the story of the Jules Verne classic.

Randall Wallace is a great sceenwriter that has scripted films such as Braveheart, The Man in the Iron Mask, Pearl Harbor, and We Were Soldiers. Yes, he has written a script for Michael Bay, but it doesn't mean he has to write one for McG. Wallace has definitely got some talent, but who knows maybe he will turn an already awful script into something watchable. That's if you will go out and see another McG directed film. It seems like Terminator Salvation was a major test for him among fanboys and fangirls and from the sounds of the movie going audience, it seems like he failed that test.

Variety Reports:

"Nemo" aims to tell the origin of Captain Nemo and his submarine warship, the Nautilus. Nemo is a mysterious but noble antagonist in the book, a scientific genius with a thirst for knowledge and a desire for revenge against the forces of imperialism.

In Verne's lesser-known sequel, "The Mysterious Island," Nemo is revealed as Indian Prince Dakkar, a rajah's son who took part in a failed rebellion and lost his wife and children. It is unclear how close to that back story Disney will stick, but "Nemo's" tone will be decidedly action-adventure.

This story has made and incredible book and it has the potential to be a fantastic movie. With Wallace writing the script, it should be solid depending on how much input McG will have. And then it all comes down to what McG will do with the script while he is filming. I really want to be excited for this movie, but with McG behind the wheel it's hard to get behind it. What do you all think?

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