Cameron Diaz in GREEN HORNET?!

by Eli Reyes


Well here's some more Green Hornet movie News! Cameron Diaz is currently in talks to play the female lead in The Green Hornet movie adaptation, which is being directed by Michel Gondry. The deal has yet to be be finalized. But if it goes through, she'll star opposite Seth Rogen, who wrote the script along with his Superbad and Pineapple Express writing partner, Evan Goldberg.

I could go either way on this. I think Diaz is likable, but she's practically in everything. That's Seth Rogen's job, thank you very much! In the end, it's all about chemistry. If they have sparks on screen, we'll buy it. But if she's there just because she's a big name, then she'll get annoying, fast! How about Malin Akerman? She sounds EXACTLY like Diaz, and is a whole lot easier on the eyes. Just a suggestion... cuz this story is short.

Green Hornet will begin shooting soon. And is set for a July 9th, 2010 release.

Do you guys want to see Cameron Diaz in The Green Hornet Movie???

Source: EW