JAMES FRANCO test footage for rejected UCLA Commencement Speech

by Eli Reyes


Actor James Franco, was originally chosen to speak at this year's UCLA Commencement Ceremony. But due to scheduling conflicts with a film he was doing, he had to drop out. Or so they say!

The decision to have Franco(MILK, Spiderman, and Pineapple Express), give the commencement speech, was protested by many students at UCLA, in which Franco formerly attended. The students claimed that, though he is a good actor, he hasn't changed the structure of society yet. Franco was then replaced by Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson.

Well, in this video from FunnyOrDie, the truth is finally revealed! This is "Test Footage" of Franco's commencement speech. After UCLA saw this footage, they rescinded their offer!

Let us know what ya think.

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