will STAR WARS Tauntaun Sleeping Bag become a reality in time for the Holidays?

by Eli Reyes


Did this picture of a sleeping bag shaped like a Tauntaun from Empire Strikes Back, posted by ThinkGeek as an April Fool's joke, give you false hopes? Well, this geekiest of the geeky, must have item, may become a reality. ThinkGeek just posted a statement, saying...

Due to an overwhelming tsunami of requests from YOU THE PEOPLE, we have decided to TRY and bring this to life. We have no clue if the suits at Lucasfilms will grant little ThinkGeek a license, nor do we know how much it would ultimately retail for.

In an interview with LA Weekly, ThinkGeek's Shane Peterman revealed that they are indeed working with Lucasfilm to get an actual license for a modified version of the bag. It would undoubtedly be pricier than the $39.99 price advertised for the spoof. But fans would easily shell out the dough, either way. Peterman stated:

We are definitely trying to make it into an actual item to be sold on our site. As of right now, it's still an "if," but it's turning into more of a "when." Things are looking pretty good, we just don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. There's certainly been enough of a demand, both from customers and from those of us that work here. Right now, we're aiming to have it available for the holidays or, at the latest, the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back next spring.

Unlike the Hoverboard in Back To The Future(which I'm still waiting for), the sleeping bag doesn't rely on the advancement of modern technology to be made. The exquisitely detailed bag (entrails, glowing lightsaber zipper and all),  just needs the approval of the suits at Lucasfilm.

We're still working with Lucas to get approval for a final design. Again, it's looking good, we just can't say too much right now since it's still in the works.

Will the Tautaun sleeping bag be on this years wish list for your kids? Your wish list perhaps? Let us know what you think!


For the full interview click here.

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