New Film Clip for Mike Judge's EXTRACT - New Temp

by Joey Paur


The film clip below is an extended clip of one that was previously released. This full clip was shown to us at Comic-Con this year. The clip revolves around Mila and Jason’s character’s first meet. Abe Froman explained in his coverage that it showcases Ben Affleck brilliantly playing Jason’s long haired stoner friend. Affleck is freaking hilarious, he’s been slowly regaing his cred the last few years and this will only help.

I'm looking forward to this movie, it looks hilarious! Mike Judge has created yet another classic comedy, this film will most likely be his most successful live-action film. Office Space is a classic, but it gained popularity throughout the years, Extract will be his most financially successful at the box office. It is actually getting some decent marketing unlike the rest of his films.

Milla Kunis plays a troublemaker in the film, that is looking to get some money out of one of the characters in the film, which is why she takes the job in the first place. She is not trying to get money from who you think though. It was revealed at Comic-Con, that she is after the character played by Clifton Collins Jr, who got settlement after he looses one of his balls in a workplace accident. You can see that in the trailer.

Hope you enjoy the film clip below!

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