Edward James Olmos Joins THE GREEN HORNET

by Joey Paur


How great is it that Edward James Olmos has joined the cast for the Seth Rogan scripted film The Green Hornet! If anyone can add some geek factor to that film it's him. Olmos had a great run on Battlestar Galactica, and also served as director on the upcoming spin-off movie The Plan. The news broke up at Wizard World Chicago when he said:


"I'm on my way to do 'The Green Hornet,'" Olmos told me. "It'll be a lot of fun with Seth [Rogen], Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz."

He doesn't give any details about how big his part is, or what character he plays, but after doing a little digging around on wikipedia there is a characer named Gunnigan that kinda fits something Olmos might be right for, he's described as the irascible city editor of The Daily Sentinel (whose temper invariably got worse in the presence of Axford or even when Axford was talking to him on the phone). Axford is a formor police man that eventually became a reporter for The Daily Sentinel.

So what do you think of Edward James Olmos joining the cast of The Green Hornet?

Source: Hollywoodsnitch

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