MYSTERY TEAM in The Case of The Haunted Hotel

by Eli Reyes


This is a great short film promoting Derrick Comedy's first feature film, Mystery Team. They premiered this clip during their hilarious panel at Comic-Con, but now you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

In Mystery Team, director Dan Eckman, producer Meggie McFadden and writers/actors D.C. Pierson, Donald Glover and Dominic Dierkes put a real world spin on the Encyclopedia Brown type Kid-Detective Stories. Mystery Team is a well honed, breathtakingly original piece of comedic gold. To read Venkman's review from Sundance, Click Here. And check out the Trailer Here.

Filmed on location in Burbank, California, this follows a new adventure for the Mystery Team, in The Case of the Haunted Hotel.

This gives you a pretty good idea of the tone the opening of the film offers. But you're gonna have to get your butts into the theater to see where exactly our detectives end up. And you will get that chance at the end of the month.

Like Derrick Comedy discussed in our Exclusive Interview, they will begin a tour that will coincide with the limited, and eventually full on release of the film. Check out the all the dates at their Official Website, so you can experience Derrick Comedy in "4-D".

Check out the clip, and let us know what you think!

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