Paramount Confirms G.I. JOE Sequel will go Into Development

by Joey Paur


It's no surprise to me that G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra is going to get a sequel. According to Paramount Pictures studio's vice chairman, Rob Moore a sequel is going to happen.  Hell, they left the movie wide open for one. Personally, I think what they need to do is ditch this take on the on the series, and start fresh. I understand the movie was silly, mindless  fun, but why in the hell can't we have a fun, and action-packed film that's actually good. It's not like it's impossible! Look at the latest Batman films and Iron Man, G.I. Joe wasn't even close to the caliber of those films, and it has the potential to be better than them! There is an incredibly smart, character driven, and action-packed movie within the G.I. Joe world, but damn it, they obviously didn't know how to take a great idea and turn it into something fantastic. They turned it into something that insults the intelligence of the audience.

The franchise hasn't even been out more than 4 days and I'm asking for a reboot instead of a sequel. I want to pretend the movie they made doesn't exist, it should have been so much better! The movie made a little over $54 million dollars domestically, LA Times is reporting it made an estimated $100 million worldwide. I have a feeling now that word of mouth has been mostly negative, going from a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes to its current 39% rating. I see the box office numbers dropping drastically from here on out, especially with the Peter Jackson's and Niel Blomkamp's  District 9 coming out this Friday, G.I. Joe doesn't stand a chance, especially since District 9 looks like a freakin great film.

To try and get people going to the theaters Paramount Plans on marketing the film to families, which is kind of ridiculous due to the fact hundreds of people are senselessly killed in the film. This movie puts Michael Bay's Bad Boys movies to shame when it comes to having no regard for human life. They are hoping to persuade more parents to take older children to the PG-13 film. Let me tell you a little bit about teenagers, they don't want to go to the movies with their parents, and even teenagers can tell when a movie is crap. They've seen the potential of how awesome a PG-13 movie can be without being being overly ridiculous.

There are still a lot of people that haven't seen G.I. Joe and I've talked to a few of them, 90% have told me they aren't go to go see it. I just don't think, the movie has much life in it, and that it's going to drown at the box office.

I just want to point out, that had Paramount thought about it a little more, put in a little bit more care and respect, they could've made a great G.I. Joe film. If they would have done it right, gone in a totally different direction, they could have made so much more money, and received many more positive reviews.  On top of that, this better G.I. Joe film, that exists in an alternate universe, could have been done for half the budget of what they spent on Rise of Cobra. Lots of balls were dropped in the making of this film, and it all started with rushing the script and bringing Steven Sommers on board to direct it. We don't need a sequel, we need a reboot. I want to see G.I. Joe done right!

Source: LA Times

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